Sharing Some Recent Embarrassing Sjögie Moments

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by Rena Newman |

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Welcome back to tea and talk with your favorite peculiar Sjögie. Today’s topic is embarrassing moments.

I had an interesting week, to say the least. It was filled with random awkward events that I’d like to share with you all.

Are you ready? Here it goes.

Awesomely abashed

The first incident took place at a Western Union branch. I was trying to provide my thumbprint, but it wasn’t working. After several attempts, I told the solemn lady behind the counter that the ink was dried up. She pointed out how I needed to open the cover of the ink pad. I responded with an unusually rambunctious laugh that lasted far too long. Plus, I seemed to be the only one amused.

Second uncomfortable occurrence

The next day while at an appointment, I kept dropping things and left a trail because I’m too stiff to bend over to pick up anything. After I sat down, I had a sudden itch attack. While I was getting out my alligator foot back scratcher, my husband, Joe, pulled off an object that was stuck to the back of my shirt. It was a round plastic disk used to anchor the bed liner to our truck. How the heck did that get there?

Brief intermission

I’m thinking my Sjögren’s syndrome and other chronic illnesses are causing new flare-ups contributing to increased frequency and intensity of brain fog, weakness, clumsiness, pruritusneuropathy, and dysautonomia.

“Nearing a Mortifying Moment.” (Courtesy of Derrian Childress)


Last tale. This one’s a real hoot.

A few days later while I was out running errands, I had a bathroom emergency. “Screech!” “Bam!” I opened the car door and slammed it into the yellow pole in the parking lot and proceeded to penguin walk as swiftly as I could to find the nearest bathroom.

The store was surprisingly busy, and people could see my level of desperation. I felt my eyeballs popping out of my head and a few sweat drops dripping off my forehead.

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Surprised shopper

There was a small group of employees gathered in front of the restrooms. I managed to quickly go around them. Whew, that was close.

Great. It’s nice and quiet and I’m alone. While I was sitting down I got bored, so I started singing “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot because it was the most recent earworm stuck in my head. Whoops! I did not realize there was someone in another stall.

Another close call 

I started strolling through the store, but then, oh no, not again. “Please make it, please make it.” I thought, “Cleanup on aisle 10.”

No, I cannot laugh right now! My legs and feet were burning, but I had to move faster. Almost there. Wow, looks like more people are congregating in this area, including the same person who heard me crooning a few minutes ago. I kept my head down and barreled through the crowd. Made it.

Do you have an embarrassing Sjögie story? Feel free to share. Let’s refill our tea or coffee, maybe get some sugar-free crumpets, and we can all chat. Cheers to another week.

P.S. I cut back on sugar. I seriously need to detox, though. Also, please enjoy this word search.


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Raylene Burrow avatar

Raylene Burrow

Oh my gosh, I love your sjogren's embarrassing moments, I can so relate. I have fibromyalgia, sjogren's but really get around pretty well most days but there are some days I just feel catatonic so to speak and just kind of drift away in my own little world and I tend to sleep more on those days as well. My brain function literally amazes me that I can do anything at all.

For the most part I am very blessed, I have Jesus walking with me and that makes all the difference.

God bless you and thank you for sharing humor even as difficult as it is with all you deal with.


Rena Newman avatar

Rena Newman

Thank you, Raylene <3

Linda Fleig avatar

Linda Fleig

I certainly understand and appreciate your story not only do I have sjogrens and brain fog … I also have an ileostomy. I so related to your story. Thank you so much I love your stories! Linda Fleig

Loretta Reilly avatar

Loretta Reilly

Thank you Rena, you make me feel normal.

Peg Weir avatar

Peg Weir

Rena, thank you for your wonderful tales. Toilet emergencies are the worst. By the time i make it into the toilet i am a sweaty exhausted person. On the bright side i have enough restroom data for restrooms around town to publish a map. Have a good day. Hugs. Peg

Eileen Robertson avatar

Eileen Robertson

Thanks to all who comment as much as it's such a difficult and complex disease to deal with reading other peoples experiences helps me to cope with what i've got and i realise that I'm no so bad off even though there are days i just want to stay in bed and not get up. i totally understand the talking to yourself I do it all the time and I can then have a wry smile. God bless each and everyone of .you and once again thank you for sharing

Felicita Alvarado avatar

Felicita Alvarado

Thank you so much for sharing. I solved my dropsy problem at home by getting one of those picker upper sticks. They really work, I would take the stick on the road with me however I am trying to lighten up my handbag. I carry extra underware, light days pads, wipes, eyedrops, lip balm, biotene mouth spray, cough drops, hand sanitizer, moisterizer, sunscreen, water, and an umbrella plus my wallet.
Thank you again for sharing,

Lisa Fifield avatar

Lisa Fifield

I'm wondering if anyone else gets mouth and tongue ulcerations.There So painful !
I have 3 and just about anything I eat really stings.Anyone else ?

Susanne Anderson avatar

Susanne Anderson

Your awkward sjogy moments are just great and sound like some of us other spoonies out here!

Thanks for sharing. 💜

Vicki P. Maguire avatar

Vicki P. Maguire

Excellent! We desperately need to laugh. !

Jeannine Hogan avatar

Jeannine Hogan

I get mouth and tongue ulcerations. They're so painful it's awful. Medical cannabis oil heals them very quickly, seriously sometimes in 1 day.

Pam Evans avatar

Pam Evans

Just responding to Lisa re your mouth ulcers. I used to have large painful mouth ulcers many years ago. My Mum gave me some Berocca B with vitamin C tablets that dissolve in water because I was quite busy and run down. Amazingly after about 9 doses over 3 days the ulcers cleared up! I hope that may help you Lisa.

Susan Hilliard avatar

Susan Hilliard

Felicita Alvarado, ohhhhh how I can relate ! My purses keep getting larger and larger. It might be easier if we just used a back pac, which I have been known to do. ☺️

Susan Brown avatar

Susan Brown

Yes I often break out in my mouth. I don’t eat or drink acidic foods. Sometimes if your mouth becomes too dry I.e.
waking up in morning that can be a problem. I started off with Epstein Barr which became Sjogrens. I’ve had it
for 30 years.

Gayle Stroud avatar

Gayle Stroud

Yes!! I get them to sometimes!! I was wondering if this went with Sjögren’s

Joyce Hogue avatar

Joyce Hogue

What are some of the things that can help with dry mouth? My mouth gets so dry I can hardly swallow my medication. I chew a lot of sugar free gum and sugar free lemon cough drops and drink constantly.


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