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Forest Ray received his PhD in systems biology from Columbia University, where he developed tools to match drug side effects to other diseases. He has since worked as a journalist and science writer, covering topics from rare diseases to the intersection between environmental science and social justice. He currently lives in Long Beach, California.

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Specific Protein in Tears May Better Diagnose Sjögren’s

The amount of a protein called ATG5 in tears may pinpoint people whose dry eye symptoms are related to Sjögren’s syndrome with greater accuracy than standard diagnostic tests, a study has found. However, ATG5’s potential as a biomarker of the disorder should be investigated further, the researchers said. The…

Australian Partnership to Advance Technology to Treat Sjogren’s

The University of Queensland’s technology transfer company, UniQuest, will partner with the biotechnology company CSL Limited to develop and commercialize the university’s antigen specific immune tolerance induction (ASITI) technology for the treatment of Sjogren’s syndrome. As an autoimmune disorder, Sjogren’s syndrome involves the immune system…